Project Athena - Day 96 (My Life)

Owl Medicine

Owls are the eyes of the night, and they see what is not in the
open. They have secret knowledge that they can share. Their medicine can extract secrets.
— Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

One of my favorite activities in life is owling. Seeing or hearing an owl in the dark of the night is a truly mystical experience. In the early spring, it is exhilarating to find the nests of the parents and babies and watch them grow into fledglings.

In many traditions, the owl is a symbol of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. When I was introduced to the Shamanic Path, I very quickly learned the powerful medicine of owl and the how strongly this animal guides me to see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit. These wonderful creatures also provide the inspiration and guidance necessary for me to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.

The owl is associated with the goddess Athena in ancient Greek culture and it is a symbol of higher wisdom. Their yellow eyes are make their face very expressive and symbolize the light of the sun that can be seen as shining in the dark of the night.

This photo was actually taken about a month ago not far from my house. I have been wanting to share it in some context that would express the importance of this totem animal in my life. Serendipitously, another rainy day in Colorado kept me from getting out to shoot today and so here is the opportunity I have been waiting for.

Great Horned Owl

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 55-200mm lens • 150mm • F/5 • 1/200s • ISO 100