Street Photography

Project Athena - Day 357 (Street Photography)


What a great way to end this theme. This little girl just caught my eye as she sat near the water fountain to eat her special treat. She was in her own world, people watching and just being cute. Kids are very camera savvy these days with almost all of our devices having the ability to take a picture so it was great to capture this moment of innocence.


Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 122.60mm • F/6.4 • 1/400s • IS 1000

Project Athena - Day 356 (Street Photography)

A Family Affair

I recognize that look on the little girl's face. Pissed, determined, ready for a fight. She obviously did not get something she really wanted. I also recognize the mom's expression. Frustration and worry with a tinge of pride. Ahh...those were the days, eh Mom? We probably walked down this very same sidewalk when I was that age and had a very similar interaction, more than once. Sorry for all the grief I caused for you. Glad we made it through that time whole.

A Family Affair
Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 41.3mm • F/5.6 • 1/250s • IS 1000


Project Athena - Day 354 (Street Photography)

Bus Stop

Today's street photography outing was interesting because I was asked by several people to not photograph them. Of course, I honor that request when it happens and immediately delete any images on my camera. I know it's not personal and their reasons are none of my business. I think of like catch and release fishing. I also recognize my vibration has everything to do with what I attract and today, well...let's just say I was feeling kind of crabby.

All of that is to say I pulled the one image I have in my archives that I would consider street photography. I took last June at one of the Max stations in Fort Collins.

Bus Stop Girl
Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 18mm • F/14 • 1/320s • ISO 400

Project Athena - Day 353 (Street Photography)

The Human Condition

According to Wikipedia, Street photography is photography that portrays the human condition in public places. The photo does not necessarily need the presence of a street, an urban environment or even a human subject.  There really is no specific subject matter for the Street Photographer. Only the issue of ‘life’ in general.

I am falling in love with this genre because when I leave the house to go shoot, I do not have an agenda. I can't possibly visualize the photographs in advance of taking them. It's quite refreshing to be honest and it feels more like a simple ‘Zen’ experience. I'm discovering that I KNOW when I have my shot and if I spend too long thinking about it, the opportunity is lost. There are no props or lighting to worry about. There is no time for changing lenses or adding filters. There is only that split second to recognize and react to a happening.

So how do I choose a "happening"? It seems to choose me. There is a high degree of empathetic connection with what/who I choose to capture. for instance, today I saw myself in this man. While I no longer smoke cigarettes, I could easily remember what it was like to find a private place, by myself, where I could relax, light up a cigarette and just take in some long, deep, breaths of smoke and nicotine. I also remember the angst I felt because no one else I hung out with smoked and someone was always wondering where I had disappeared to. Glad those days are behind me, for lots of reasons. I still enjoy the moments of privacy to take in long, deep breaths. Just without the cigarette.

Smoke Break
Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 135mm • F/5.6 • 1/180s • IS 800

Project Athena - Day 352 (Street Photography)

Diversity Makes the World Go Round

Yesterday's shoot was fruitful in many ways and I wanted to share another photo from the rally because I learned so much about myself, my camera, and people.

I've always considered myself shy and introverted but what I discovered yesterday is that I am actually not that shy. When I am by myself, yet out in the world with other people, I am very willing to interact and engage with them. I am keenly listening to my intuition as it guides me to the locations and interactions I am supposed to have. For the most part, I find people fascinating and am willing to open my heart with a total stranger. I think the reason I have been labeled as shy is because when I am with my friends, family or beloveds, my focus is on them, not the outside world. Huh.

I learned that my camera is ideal for Street Photography because it is super quiet, small, and unobtrusive. I also learned that a prime lens might be a better option for this genre so I don't rely on shooting from a distance and zooming in. There is something about being street level and getting close that make the images more compelling.

People are just people. Yesterday, I observed everything from big, burly, bearded men cuddling their babies to leather clad biker chicks taking selfies with their best friends. We all want connection. We all want to feel safe and secure in the world we live in. We all want to know love and affection. No matter what image we play in this life, we are all one humanity.

Realities Ride, Downtown Fort Collins, 2015
Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 122.60mm • F/8 • 1/200s • ISO 400

Project Athena - Day 351 (Street Photography)

The Home Stretch

Let’s face it, starting street photography as one of my final themes could be a real challenge for me because I have very little practice in this genre. Going from shooting flowers to shooting black-leather clad bikers in the streets is like climbing into a Lamborghini after driving a Toyota Prius. A bit overwhelming at first but seriously fun once the car is racing.

Today was extremely intimidating at first but then it became quite exhilarating as I let the energy of the crowd carry me. Eventually, I noticed that I was not worrying about what anyone might be thinking about me in my tie-dye and shorts. In fact, I felt almost invisible moving my way through the crowd and just observing through my lens this subculture living their lives.

Realities for Children Poker Run, Downtown Fort Collins, 2015

Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 98.6mm • F/5.6 • 1/100s • IS 200