Project Athena - Day 360 (Night Photography)

Everything Evolves

As I was just gathering my equipment to head out to shoot on this warm summer evening, I decided to go ahead and post for today so when I get home late tonight, I can just come in and crash, then post tonight's photo tomorrow.

I have shot this bridge before, way back in the beginning of this blog when I was shooting lines as a theme. This shot is a slightly different perspective. I have to say I am still loving my Fujifilm camera and the way it is performing with these night shots. The bridge itself has also had some upgrades, with stairs added to the end of the ramps. I still think it is one of the cooler places to shoot in Fort Collins.

I find myself feeling a sense of sadness and pride mixed together to be bringing this blog to its conclusion. Doing something everyday for an entire year is a big deal for me cause often rebel against my own commitments when I start to feel controlled by them. But this has been different for me. I know there is a deeper purpose and that has been the fuel that has propelled me each and every day. I do have some what of game plan to continue shooting and sharing once this is done. I think, however, if I have to stay tuned to the end to find out exactly what that plan is, you should too. So, I will reveal it on day 365, assuming it is clear to me!


Max Station Bridge, Fort Collins, CO
Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 24.3mm • F/16 • 7.5s • ISO 400