Project Athena - Day 353 (Street Photography)

The Human Condition

According to Wikipedia, Street photography is photography that portrays the human condition in public places. The photo does not necessarily need the presence of a street, an urban environment or even a human subject.  There really is no specific subject matter for the Street Photographer. Only the issue of ‘life’ in general.

I am falling in love with this genre because when I leave the house to go shoot, I do not have an agenda. I can't possibly visualize the photographs in advance of taking them. It's quite refreshing to be honest and it feels more like a simple ‘Zen’ experience. I'm discovering that I KNOW when I have my shot and if I spend too long thinking about it, the opportunity is lost. There are no props or lighting to worry about. There is no time for changing lenses or adding filters. There is only that split second to recognize and react to a happening.

So how do I choose a "happening"? It seems to choose me. There is a high degree of empathetic connection with what/who I choose to capture. for instance, today I saw myself in this man. While I no longer smoke cigarettes, I could easily remember what it was like to find a private place, by myself, where I could relax, light up a cigarette and just take in some long, deep, breaths of smoke and nicotine. I also remember the angst I felt because no one else I hung out with smoked and someone was always wondering where I had disappeared to. Glad those days are behind me, for lots of reasons. I still enjoy the moments of privacy to take in long, deep breaths. Just without the cigarette.

Smoke Break
Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 135mm • F/5.6 • 1/180s • IS 800