Project Athena - Day 349 (Selfie Care)

Recovery Foods!

Today's Self Care: Whole foods with healthy nutrients for speedy healing.

Did you know that injury recovery follows a highly organized and predictable pattern? This is something I have recently learned from my physical therapists who continue to encourage me when I am wanting things to move heal quicker. In both soft tissue and bone recovery, inflammation is the first step in the process of clearing away damaged cells.  After that, recovery is all about building up new, functionally equivalent connective tissue and/or bone.

Nutrition plays a huge role in how quickly these healing processes can take place! Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, zinc, and protein all aid in the bodies recovery from both chronic and acute injuries. The last few days I have had a wide variety of yummy, yet wholesome foods and I have to confess, I can feel a difference in my body.

Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 93.2mm • F/9 • 1/180s • ISO 3200