Project Athena - Day 344 (Selfie-Care)


It's been ten steps forward and a few back each week as the healing process with my back continues. I almost didn't post today because I was feeling so depressed about the recent set-back. But alas, some part of me, whom I call Lara, insisted I do something to ease the pain and muscle tension. I chose a hot bath, which she lovingly prepared for me with with my favorite essential oils and some sea salt. Thank you honey.

The pain began to ease almost immediately. Then the inspiration for this weeks theme showed up. So, knowing it will be a week of self-care, here is the first shot. The pedicure was a Mother's Day gift to me from my Mom. I had never had one before last week. OMG!!! I loved it!

Candlelit Bath
Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 25.4mm • F/4 • 1/20s • ISO 3200