Project Athena - Day 305 (Curves)

My Alma Mater

After walking around the CSU campus for a few hours, I have to say I barely recognize my alma mater.  There are so many new educational and student housing buildings that I had to use the old Clark Building to keep my bearings. The Lory Student Center has had a magnificent face lift and the library looks brand new, even though the construction started while I was still in school. The iconic Moby Gym is dwarfed by all the new buildings surrounding it now. I definitely want to be around the day they raze the old towers on the corner of Shields and Laurel. I hope I am not starting a rumor. I don't know of any future plans for this but those things were nasty ugly when I was in high school. I can't imagine a renovation that would bring them up to par with everything else. It would be great to see some new architecture at that location that matches all the beautification that is taking place on and around the campus.

I am still not sold on the idea of a new college football stadium smack in the middle of town and campus. But if it is anywhere near the amazing improvements that I saw this week, I am sure I will be impressed.

I enjoyed my tour and plan to go back as soon as all the new fountains have water flowing. This ram's head is part of a fountain that I want to reshoot when he is spewing water.

CSU Campus Ram's Head Fountain

Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 58.9mm • F22 • 1/35s • ISO 200