Project Athena - Day 304 (Curves)

Springtime! Yay!

Alas, it feels like Spring is finally here. This is my favorite season, a time of rebirth when the arrival of the light begins to awaken life all around us. The egg, with its gorgeous feminine curves, is a potent symbol for fertility and new beginnings. Ancient creation stories from many cultures tell that the earth itself was hatched from an egg.

While dyed eggs are a traditional part of the many springtime celebrations because they represent wishes for prosperity and abundance during the coming year, I chose to shoot in black and white again tonight. After shooting every single day for almost a year now (sick days excluded), I  feel that my unique style is finally beginning to emerge. It's in the incubation stage and I want to cultivate it, like a baby chick that has just been hatched from the egg.

My love for black and white has always been here, but I am realizing that one of the qualities that makes it so appealing for me is that it is restful. The eyes can relax which in turn allows the being to relax.

Sending wishes for a prosperous and abundant year to you all!

Eggs in a Bowl

Fujifilm X-E2 • Fuji XF18-135mm lens • 29.3mm • F4.3 • 1/13s • ISO 200