Project Athena - Day 276 (Fences)

Distortion Becomes Reality

After hearing the news in the headlines yesterday about the 47 GOP senators who sent a letter to the Iranian leadership in an effort to undermine the nuclear arms negotiations that are currently underway, I felt it my civic duty to send my own letter. So far, no response from Mr. Gardner except to say he is a very busy man. I bet he is especially busy today. Tonight, you get a glimpse into some of my political views.

Dear Senator Gardner,
I find your participation in the letter sent to the Iranian government deplorable! Not only have you undermined the negotiations that are an effort to prevent an all out war, you have disrespected the office of the presidency and Mr. Obama himself. You, along with your other republican friends, have sunk to an all time low by ignoring the possible global repercussions this will have on our already fragile foreign policy and our world image as a united nation. You also ignorantly turned a blind eye to the fact that any agreement made with Iran and the other nations involved will, in fact, become a legal and binding contract, despite your personal agenda. The People of America elected Mr. Obama to be our spokesperson on foreign policy and even if you do not agree with him, he is the person who has been selected for this job. Your job is to support him during these delicate negotiations and hopefully work to make our domestic policy better for all citizens.

It's clear to me that you acted recklessly and are completely out of touch with the people of Colorado that you represent. Unfortunately, I doubt there will be any consequence for you and your colleagues for this outrageous behavior although I do believe there are grounds for prosecution under the Logan Act. The very least you could do is publically apologize to the President and the American people for taking part in what some, including myself, are considering a treasonous act.

Your very disappointed constituent,
Lori Beaty

Warped Poles

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