Project Athena - Day 261 (Hearts)

Connecting with the Heart

"Connecting with the heart" is one of those buzz phrases in the world of awakening consciousness that seems to entice people into new paths of self improvement. But what does it really mean to connect with your heart? How will you know when you are?

I once asked a teacher/guru a similar question during a Sat Sang. Her answer to me has been one that has resonated strongly in my life over the last 10 years. She told me that connecting with the heart, leading with the heart, serving from the heart are more about surrendering to the heart, being tethered to it and letting it do the leading. When I heard the words at first, I couldn't really imagine what that might feel like. But as time has passed, the words have become a part of the fiber of my soul.

I am tethered to my own heart, following its desire, trusting its agenda for my life, open to the emotional experiences make life worth living. It's a life style more than a feeling.

Glass Hearts on Wood

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 55mm • F/5.6 • 1/40s • ISO 100