Project Athena - Day 257 (Vanishing Point)

Under the Bleachers

There are always at least three events going on simultaneously at any given stadium gathering. There is the competition or performance taking place in the arena that generally involves hundreds of people who have orchestrated their amazing talents to put before the public audience some form of entertainment. There is also the cohesive buzz of the audience in the stands who are connecting through their mutual interest in what is being staged. And then there are the happenings under the bleachers...the happenstance meetings, the kids playing and peaking through the cracks (cracks of the bleachers that is), and the folks who are avoiding a panic attack from the overwhelming energy of the crowd or the height of their seats. Been there. Done that. Met some fellow acrophobics.

Underneath the Bleachers

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 28mm • F/25 • 1/125s • ISO 800