Project Athena - Day 254 (Vanishing Point)

Neighborhood Sidewalk

It's been over seven years now since I moved to Loveland and into this very quiet neighborhood. There are so many things I have come to love about this location such as the view of the city from the foothills, our friendly neighbors, the kids playing in their yards, and the fact that most people pick up their dog's poop. There have been a few misfits over the years, and they have come and gone mostly, like the paranoid lady who called the police several times a day to report slow drivers, cars parked for more than an hour, and neighbors who left a kid's toy in their yard. I think she is Virginia's problem now.

And then there was the loud, drunk chick who had no clue that her voice could carry for several blocks whenever she was outside on her porch slurring her sloppy stories on the phone. Everyone knew everything about her job, her family, her sex life, and her general state of mind.

Last week, in a very bizarre turn of events, a woman was assaulted at knife point while taking her trash to the curb by some random dude. VERY out of place for this peaceful slice of suburbia. Fortunately, (i think) we have a former Navy Seal, SWAT Team member who lives across the street and when the reverse 911 call came in, he strapped on his side arm and secured the perimeter of our house as well as the entire block.

We tend to get a little more snow, wind, and hail pressed up against the hills here on Enchantment Ridge. Still, it's a wonderful place to live and work. Hope you enjoy the view.

Neighborhood Sidewalk, Enchantment Ridge

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 55mm • F/29 • 1/160s • ISO 400