Project Athena - Day 216 (Abstract)

I'm a Fan

The blog must go on! Thanks to my generous partner Lara, I have a camera with which to shoot and it just happens to be the same exact type of camera as the one that decided to kick the bucket yesterday.

Speaking of fans....(like that segue?) I am considering a prize at the end of Project Athena to reward the biggest fan! That would be the person who likes the most facebook posts, makes the most comments, sends the most emails, gives the most feedback, donates the most money (just kidding), etc. The grand prize would be a mounted and framed print of your favorite picture from the blog.

I have had some very loyal followers from day 1 so for those of you just coming on board, you might have to skip some TV and go to the actual blog page to catch up plus remember to subscribe when you are there  so you don't miss another post.

Colored Paper Fan

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 55mm • F/5.6 • 1/6s • ISO 100