Project Athena - Day 212 (Abstract)

String and Glitter Collide

I am generally not a fan of glitter just because it obtrusively finds its way into places that it just does not belong, but every once in awhile, I let my bling out to play. Today was one of those days. This is actually two images, merged into one utilizing my bff, Photoshop. The first picture is strands of different colored string sandwiched between two pieces of thin plexiglass and then shot against an abstract acrylic painting of mine. The second photo is my imitation of Jackson Pollack's creation process only i used glitter for paint and abstained from the alcohol. Ha- Ha. I "dripped and splattered" glitter onto the plexiglass, then placed the another piece of plexiglass on top and shot against a black background using my cell phone's flashlight to backlight it.

Hope you enjoy while I am off dealing with the fairy dust.

Sting and Glitter Collide

Nikon D3200 • Merged Images