Project Athena - Day 223 (Assignment: Shamanic Tools)

Medicine Wheel as a Map

This is not one of my most inspired photographs to date but I wanted to share one of the most important tools I use in my shamanic path, the Medicine Wheel.  The Medicine Wheel is a map for understanding our place in the Universe and our relationship and connectedness to all things. The Wheel divides our world into different directions and applies specific meaning and significance to each direction, depending on cultural tradition. This directional orientation is achieved by simple observation of the natural world. The Medicine Wheel is an outer expression of the cycles of Creation, cycles of life, cycles of the planet, the Universe, even cycles of the soul. My multicultural version of the Medicine Wheel is made up of 6 directions. Every direction is an ally with an energy and essence that can be called upon to assist in the journey through life. I personally will be calling on the direction of the North tonight as this body is ready for some relaxation.

Call in the East When You Need Support With

  • Illumination / Enlightenment
  • Awakening the Chi
  • Awakening personal growth and light within
  • Giving birth to an idea or project
  • Seeing something in a new light, as a child
  • Clarity about any life circumstance, experience

Call in the South When You Need Support With:

  • Opening your heart
  • Grounding yourself and connecting to earth
  • Self-Nurturing and acceptance of nurturing
  • Emotional support
  • Growing abundance
  • The blooming of our relationships

Call in the West When You Need Support With:

  • Transition
  • Understanding life's patterns
  • Connecting to the wisdom of our ancestors
  • Gratitude and enjoying the fruits of your labors
  • Harvesting the fullness of your talents
  • Pruning away the baggage of your life
  • Letting go of things that are no longer needed, composting, recycling

Call in the North When You Need Support With:

  • Taking time to rest, play and regeneration
  • Deep sleep at night
  • Going inward, self reflection
  • Remembering your dreams and hearing  your inner voice
  • connecting with community, friends, family, beloveds
  • Effortless action

Call in Father Sky (Pachatata to Peruvian Tribes) When you Need Support With:

  • Complementary and co-creative energy to that of Mother Earth
  • Getting into sync with the heavenly cycles such as cycles of the moon
  • Asking for nurturing of our Divine Mother with the rain, the sunlight, the clouds, the moonlight or what ever is needed in your environment
  • Remembering you are the God Spark, the Higher Self, the I Am Presence
  • Living your true potential

Call in Mother Earth (Pachamama to Peruvian Tribes) When you Need Support With:

  • Connecting to the Divine Mother Goddess in the physical world
  • Gratitude for the miracle of life
  • Connecting to fertility, abundance, bounty, and all of your life giving forces
  • Walking in right relationship with others, the planet and the path of harmony
  • Moving through the cycles of  life from birth to death, to rebirth
  • Connecting to the elemental energies of water, air and fire in the world
  • Caring for your body
  • Offering and receiving unconditional love, support and stability
  • Recycling limiting beliefs