Project Athena - Day 218 (Assignment: Shamanic Tools)

A Shaman's Tools

This week I I am the client and the photographer as I have given myself an assignment/challenge to shoot the tools I have made over the last seven years as part of my shamanic journey. I am not a shamanic practitioner but I incorporate these powerful healing and clearing tools in my daily life and when appropriate, I use them with my coaching clients.

I've started with the ceremonial drum because this is my favorite tool. I made both of these drums from kits using elk hides. These drums were made with deep reverence and gratitude for the animals and trees that came from great creator. Each drum has a unique voice depending on its size and the unique characteristics of the animal hide. Of course, humidity and tautness also affect the sound. In this Colorado climate, it's imperative to keep the hide oiled to prevent it from drying and cracking as well as protect the quality of the deep resonant sound.

The best time to use a drum is ANYTIME! Got the blues? Drum. Feeling confused or disoriented? Drum. Wanting a deeper heart connection? Drum. Need to clear out some low vibrational energy in your home or body? Drum. Wanting to shift a habitual thought that is keeping you stuck? Drum. And drumming with others is magical experience as each individual drum becomes one powerful voice and a certain reminder of the connection between all things.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me as I teach myself some things about staging and blocking. My intention with this theme is advance my skills in the area of "product shots" while sharing some really cool tools with you.

Ceremonial Drums

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 32mm • F/7.1 • 1/4s • ISO 100