Project Athena - Day 217 (Abstract)

I Have Found a Niche

I have been deeply moved by the tragic events this week in France. I have felt outrage, defiance, fear and bewilderment. And I am noticing all the ways I self-censor my creative and artistic expression to avoiding conflict, controversy or criticism. Deep down, I fear the kind of outcome that transpired in Paris. Where this existential fear comes from, I don't know. But it has often kept me silent, paralyzed, and playing small in the world. These appalling events have profoundly changed me somehow, though I am not able to tell to what extent just yet. It feels as though I am harnessing the outrage and transforming it into determination. The defiance is becoming courage; the fear is transmuting into courage and the bewilderment into clarity.

When I speak the absolute truth, I know who I am and that my full presence here is important. I don't feel a I need to change the world or leave a legacy. But it is essential that live the life I have been given to its fullest. The more authentically I express,  the more awareness of myself as love and the world can only benefit from that. Je suis Charlie.

Abstract Circles

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 55mm • F/10 • 1/25s • ISO 400