Project Athena - Day 92 (My Life)

That's A Wrap

Accelerate on the curves!
— Me

My Prius with Mandala Wrap

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 55-200mm lens • 80mm • F/22 • 1/40s • ISO 800

This week's theme is "My Life." When I selected this theme at the beginning of Project Athena, I envisioned taking photos that represented "a day in the life of me." Now, it feels more important to ask a deeper question like what is profoundly affecting my life and how can I represent that in a photo.

So this first image is of my car. I bought this Prius brand new over 10 years ago. I have never had a car before "Pree" that seemed to have a life of her own. Here is her resume:

140,000 miles (Mostly commuting and a few wonderful road trips around Colorado, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and New Mexico)
280 tanks of gas (she has a small bladder, literally)
35 oil changes (give or take a few)
8 sets of tires (the girl loves a new pair of quality shoes)
1 minor accident (when she slid into a snow bank testing her traction control)
1 speeding ticket (she had to know how fast she could really go just in case so we opened her up on an country road in Wyoming and of course met the only Wyoming State trooper for hundreds of miles just as she reached 92mph.)
4 years without a garage (and she lived outdoors through the snowiest winter I can recall)
5 years in the warmth of cozy garage (Hmm. Feels good to be protected from the elements)
2 car wraps (The first was a gorgeous moon goddess designed by my dear friend Kelly. And now this mandala wrap.)
HUNDREDS of gawkers and admirers of the wrap with superlatives ranging from "cool" to "sick" to "WOW!" ( I have even had people chase me down in parking lots to talk to me about this wrap.)
ZERO - Drive-in theatres, drunk driving, camping, major repair work, or break-ins