Project Athena - Day 108 (Transparency)

I'm Looking Through You

I think that my followers and potential customers need to see who I really am on social media platforms and in real life.
— Bhadra

I feel inspired to write today so here are some thoughts on what it really means to be transparent in social media and why it could be a good thing.

I have heard there are benefits for social media users to "have transparency" but until I took some time to contemplate this, I was not really sure why. The theme this week has evoked some engrossing questions for me. How does transparency help me achieve my dream of being a professional photographer, exactly? What is the real benefit of transparency in all of life? What if I value privacy too?

I think that my followers and potential customers need to see who I really am on social media platforms and in real life. Rather than polishing an image or trying to be something I am not, I am hoping that my authenticity will come across as both honesty and integrity. I like to believe that most people value these things and choose to surround themselves with those whom they can trust.

Whenever I feel afraid of just being me, I ask myself "What criticism or opinion could be more important than being true to myself?" I have not ever found one thing that holds more worth than being REAL. Still, I know that opinions and judgements are a part of being out in the world and they can sometimes carry a wicked sting.  If I am brave enough to welcome feedback, both positive and negative, then at least the fear of criticism or success cannot hold me hostage.

So being up front and personable on this blog is happening. On the other hand, I try not to over share either. There may be some trade secrets or tedious details about how a shot came to be that would most certainly bore you. Nor am I about sharing private going-ons in my family or relationships. Rather, I like to share what is engaging, fun, interesting, useful, relevent and professional.

I love to engage as well, so online conversations are welcome! Comment, post, repost, share, etc. This project is about opening and expanding and your input is welcome. That's why it is called social media!

I guess I believe that transparency is fundamental to the success of most things in life. My willingness to be transparent in a way that you have come to expect will only mean increasing the odds for our continued correspondence in our future.


Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 18mm • F10 • 1/250s • ISO 400