Project Athena - Day 102 (Black & White)

Lady and the Hawk

Beating your wings and feathers,
You broke free from this cage.
— Rumi

The hawk is a magnificent bird of prey, so powerful and watchful. It brings the medicine of clear vision, wisdom, focus and freedom. Whenever I see a hawk soaring in the sky or observing the world from its high perch, I feel a sense of protection. I am gently reminded to examine my own life, to circle over it with keenness and intuition.

For me, Hawk represent the quality of a brave heart. To be willing to look at a situation from a heightened perspective before making decisions not only takes courage, but patience and confidence as well.

Whenever I see a hawk, it is my signal to take a moment and connect with the spirit world, to listen for any messages and to be ruthlessly honest with myself on all matters of the soul's purpose here.

Red Tail Hawk

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 55-200mm lens • 90mm • F5.6 • 1/50s • ISO 800