Project Athena - Day 19 (Water)

Weeping Rocks

We’re all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.
— Liam Callanan, The Cloud Atlas
Mesa Verde National Park, Seep Spring    Nikon D3200

Mesa Verde National Park, Seep Spring

Nikon D3200

Wow! Such an amazing day crawling around the ruins and climbing ladders where the Ancestral Puebloans once lived.

Water was very scarce today. Amazingly, the residents of the alcoves who lived here over 700 years ago, had a continuous water source known as seep springs. These springs are found where the water emerges from the cliff face, directly above the shale layer. Our ranger and guide told us all the springs are very low this year. This was the only one where I found water.

Grateful for all I have experienced this day (and for not totally freaking out on the 30 foot ladder and requiring an emergency rescue.)

Smiling lots.