Project Athena - Day 18 (Water)

River of Souls

Wild rivers are earth’s renegades, defying gravity, dancing to their own tunes, resisting the authority of humans, always chipping away, and eventually always winning.
— (Richard Bangs & Christian Kallen, River Gods)
 "Rio de las Animas" (River of Souls)         Nikon D3200

 "Rio de las Animas" (River of Souls)

Nikon D3200

A relaxing day in Durango, CO as I rafted down a mild stretch of the Animas River. The water was a cool 45 degrees and very refreshing. This was taken from a foot bridge that spans the river. I saw canoes, kayaks, rafts, and tubes today along with a few fun homemade crafts. I could get used to living here, easily.