Project Athena - Day 14 (Trains & Rails)

Driving the Last Spike...At Least in This Theme just does not work out the way I expect it to and when I remember to truly open my heart and mind in these circumstances, I discover the most unexpected, wonderful gifts.
— Bhadra

Remember the guideline "let go of perfection".  Aaargh. Ok. Here it is. The picture I shot this morning. I will let you discover the imperfections on your own. The thing about imperfections is that somehow, there is still beauty in them. This old building has captured my interest. I can't wait to get on the inside someday. Oh, and there are some tracks in the front.

Loveland Feed & Grain

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55 lens • 92mm • F/32 • 1/30s • ISO 200