Project Athena - Day 207 (Winter)

Colorado Winter Fun!

As Morgan goes flying down the hill on her sled, I am reminded of the times in my youth when playing in the snow was as fun as playing in the heat of the summer. I ask myself, "When exactly did I stop playing in the snow?" The body memory answers my question loud and clear as I clinch my butt cheeks. It was the day I flew down a steep mountain hill in Rist Canyon on an over sized inner-tube and hit a bump so hard, I was catapulted about five feet into the air. The air time was great but when I landed, my tail bone was left dangling from its other vertebra friends. That was a defining moment.

I have a sled.....and a helmet. Just need some rear end protection. Maybe it's time to let those old cell memories heal cause the kid in me wants to try again.

Happy New Year Everyone. May we all let our inner kid play this year!

Winter Sledding Fun!

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 55-200mm lens • 100mm • F/18 • 1/320s • ISO 200