Project Athena - Day 197 (Lights)

There is Winter in the Mountains

The mountains were calling me today so Lara and I took a drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park. Thankfully we drove her 4-wheel drive truck because the snow was flying and the wind was howling. Roads were slicker than a greased hog, as my Granny used to say.

We encountered several accidents as folks were sliding into snow banks and completely off the roads. Even the ranger was having a hard time staying on her feet as she skated down the road in her attempt to warn oncoming traffic of a treacherous curb. This shot is a compilation of some of that action.

Still, it was a winter wonder land to us and we both felt merry and lighthearted. We enjoyed a brisk walk in the snow around Sprague Lake and then sat in our warm truck gratefully eating our home made vegetable soup.

The day was filled with great conversation about the keen, innate power of this solstice/new moon and how the mythical stories of old about saviors and such were born from actual celestial events. As we made our way back into Estes Park, we found ourselves a warm coffee shop where we sat and wrote about what we are willing to release, forgive and just let be. Feels good to empty out these things consciously. Then we wrote about what possibilities we are willing to open into with the coming light. That felt even better to name what our hearts desire, without putting any "demands" or expectations on the Universe.

It was a great solstice day. It has left me smiling and welcoming of the longest night.

Ranger Lights Reflecting on Hood

Nikon D3200 • Compilation Photo