Project Athena - Day 196 (Food)

Happy Solstice!

As the solstice approaches, I was inspired this morning to make a yin yang. (Thank you Lara for being the food artist for this shot.)  This feels like a perfect ending to this theme and awesome beginning to next week's theme, "light".

Tomorrow will be a true celebration for me with both a new moon and Winter Solstice synchronistically happening at the same time. It's going to my day for releasing any disappointments and regrets of the past and allowing a clean transition into new opportunities and creative energies. I hope you can join in the celebration and in whatever ritual feels appropriate for you. LET US WELCOME THE LIGHT!

Yin Yang with Black Beans and Rice

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 28mm • F/10 • 1/5s • ISO 100