Project Athena - Day 186 (roygbiv - v)

Relaxing with Violet

These giant rosettes of frilly violet leaves are one of my favorite plants, especially because they tolerate the cold Colorado weather. They can keep their brilliant color all the way into spring and their colors even intensify in the cold. I found this one still thriving at the CSU flower garden where I spent a lot of time shooting this last summer.

Violet has the highest vibration in the visible spectrum. In the chakra system, it is the color of the spiritual crown at the top of the head. This is the bridge between body and spirit. Violet can also represent lushness and is often seen in motifs that portray wealth, fame and royalty.

Violet is the the color of the daydreamer. I like to use it as a portal to escape from the practicalities of everyday life and step into the fantasy world. Gazing upon this color with the eyes or breathing in its fragrant essence from a violet colored plant such as lavender creates a harmonious environment for both the mind and the emotions. For me, it is the color of relaxation and well being.

Ornamental Kale

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 26mm • F/5.6 • 1/125s • ISO 400