Project Ahena - Day 170 (Gratitude)

I'm Grateful for Wine!

I am so, so grateful for wine! It's been around forever and I personally have had a colorful relationship with this beverage over the years, maybe even lifetimes. I started out drinking sweet, cheap, white wines in my youth then graduated to blushes and rosés since they were so easy to pair with almost any meal. Nowadays, I love a nice bottle, I mean glass, of blended red wine in the evening with a delicious home cooked meal.

I am not a sophisticated wine drinker nor do I have the esoteric wine terms roll off my tongue whenever I open a bottle and have that first taste. But I know what I like and in Bhadra lingo a good wine tastes something like this: yummy, rich, chewy, dryish, layers of flavor, delightful, and pleasurable. The pleasurable is the after effects.

So, sending out huge gratitude to the wine makers of the world! May your vineyards flourish and your wines age with grace.

Wine Rack

Nikon D3200 • Nikon 18-55mm lens • 36mm • F/8 • 1/3s • ISO 800