Lori J Beaty / Bhadra Lakshmi

Lori J Beaty / Bhadra Lakshmi

A few years ago, I decided to take on a new name because it just felt like there was something to be learned in doing so. I chose the name Bhadra (baa-dra) Lakshmi because I loved the Sanskrit language and the essences of the Hindu Goddesses. Bhadra translates as "gentle one, blessed, prosperous, fortunate." Lakshmi is considered the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. My friends and family use both names and there are no rules so you get to choose your preference.

Creativity is my passion.

My greatest realization in life so far is that creativity is nourishment to my soul and without it, my quality of life is greatly diminished! Creative expression is as essential to healthy living as the air I breath or the food I eat. It contributes vitally to my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual fitness. When my creativity is flowing, my general sense of well being in the world is unshakable.

The impulse to creatively express seems to be universal among humans. I have come to believe that this impulse is a Divine Drive that implicitly resides in every living thing.

In my experience, when my creativity is allowed to flow freely...when my Divine Impulse is unbridled, I feel most deeply connected to everything and in alignment with what truly matters. Whether designing a brochure, looking through the lens of a camera, splashing paint on a canvas, having veritable communication with another or solving a business challenge, I experience the greatest sense of happiness, harmony, purpose and peace when I am in the flow of authentic, creative expression.

What keeps life fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.
— Deepak Chopra